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Preventive Maintenance Services

Can your company afford manufacturing equipment downtime? Do you find preventive maintenance schedules delayed due to under-staffing? If so, a preventative maintenance agreement with Analytics Engineering would provide you with peace of mind and a competitive advantage.
Preventative maintenance is a safety-net designed to prevent the failure of equipment before it happens, which saves you time and money in the long run and that's where Analytics Engineering can help.
Since 2009, we have been providing preventative maintenance services to companies throughout Ghana.

The key benefits of investing in a preventative maintenance program with us:

1. Reducing avoidable maintenance costs and more costly down-time

2. Flexible 24/7 scheduling to prevent interruptions to your production demands

3. Comprehensive reports detailing the preventive maintenance performed, issues found and recommendations

4. Automated recall reducing your internal administrative costs

We provide preventative maintenance programs for a variety of equipment, including:

CCTV Cameras
IP Cameras
Access Control & Time and Attendance Machines
Fire Alarm System
Intrusion Security

Preventive Maintenance Provides Competitive Advantage

Keep in mind that preventative maintenance is scheduled not only to help keep your manufacturing equipment operational, but to extend the life of your equipment and investment. We promise that when you hire Analytics Engineering for your preventative maintenance needs you will receive the same 100% customer satisfaction commitment.
Many companies defer preventative maintenance programs and later find themselves in position of having to rely upon a large cash outlay to repair or replace the equipment. If you include the impact of the down time upon your production schedule as well as your own customer commitments, you will find our preventive maintenance programs extremely cost effective.
Preventative maintenance is a logical choice when companies want to mitigate lost production time and deal with untimely breakdown of equipment.
Don't be caught off guard when these issues occur during your operational process.
Start by calling Analytics Engineering to learn more about setting up a custom preventative maintenance program.